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The benefits of using Best Homepage as your daily homepage.

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For over 20 years, Best Homepage has been helping people explore the Internet quicker and easier. It's useful in any browser, at home or at work.

No Ads

No pop-ups, no splash screens, no in-your-face advertisements. Visit all your favorites sites without distractions or invasive ads.

Easy Navigation

Visit all of the best websites in one simple layout. Also, you can add your own sites to further customize your homepage.


Browse faster. With quick load times, and a simple layout, you can visit sites in ~1.5 seconds without using the keyboard.

Customize your homepage by creating a homepage account.
  • Add your own websites and access them quicker than ever.
  • Customize your background & fonts.
  • Choose how sites open (same window or new).
  • Choose 'Logos' vs. 'Classic Text' theme.
Secure, private browsing with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • No tracking of you OR your browsing history. Read my privacy info.
  • BestHomepageEver is owned and operated privately (by Justin Carver), not a corporation.
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Simple steps to making the most out of your homepage

Set Best Homepage Ever as your browser's homepage.

This part is super easy (but important)! For instructions, simply click the button on the top-left portion of Best Homepage Ever. This will guide you how to have your homepage load automatically each time you open your browser.

make this my homepage

Next, Add the homepage icon to your browser's toolbar.

Edge Users:

Chrome Users:

Internet Explorer, Firefox Users:

If you need help with any of the above try searching Google for "how to add home button on XYZ"
XYZ = your browser.

Lastly, set the homepage as your browser's New Tab page.

This one is simple. I've created a FREE browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome Extension. Click the below buttons to add them to your browser, allowing you to automatically access your homepage when opening a new tab.

Firefox and Chrome users:
Safari / Mac users:

Step 1. Open Safari Preferences.

Step 2. Simply match the following settings

Note: For Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge users, you will want to set this up in your browser settings. More info can be found here (IE), or here (Edge) users.

Changing homepage text links to icons

If you prefer to view icons on your homepage, rather than text links, you can do this!

homepage with icons

Here's how:

Step 1.

Click through to the settings area.

Step 2.

Next, choose the bottom tab, Display Links As, then click the slider button to switch all the links on the homepage to images (versus the default text). Note, you must have an Best Homepage Ever account in order to access the settings panel.

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