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New Layout

The new homepage is just as simple, but the beauty and simplicity has been completely redone and improved.

Homepage Features

  • Clickable Menu

    Navigate within Best Homepage Ever to help, news, music, and more.

  • Main Websites (Jump To)

    Here you can access all the most popular sites on the Internet!
    (news, sports, business, and other popular sites).

  • Account/Settings

    Account Information and Settings.

  • Launchbar

    Add any website you want! Click the to add sites.

  • Categories/Sites

    Quick access to some of the best websites on the Internet, laid out in categories for easy accessibility.

Screenshot of Best Homepage Ever U.K.
The all new homepage design for 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although not required, you'll enjoy many additional features by creating a homepage account.

  • Customize your background
  • Add your own websites
  • Show/Hide homepage buttons and other elements
  • Access to site settings and homepage tools.

Yes. Once you login, you can add as many websites as you wish. Simply click the at the end of the Launchbar.

Additionally, you can choose from an assortment of websites already listed to quickly add as well.

Firefox users: Recent changes disallow cookies by default. If you cannot stay logged in to the homepage, here is the fix.

Non-Firefox Users: Check your browser settings to ensure cookies are allowed, either for all sites, or for this site.

Yes. If you want to clear your search history from appearing in the search box, follow these steps:

PC: Hit CTRL + Shift + Delete
Mac: ⌘ + Shift + Delete

When settings appear, look for autofill form data (Chrome) or form & search history in Firefox/Edge.