Help and Information

New Layout

The new homepage is just as simple, but the beauty and simplicity has been completely redone and improved.

Homepage Features

  • Clickable Menu

    Navigate within Best Homepage Ever to help section (this page), welcome area, and news, once that is activated.

  • Main Websites (Explore)

    Here you will all the most widely used sites (news, sports, business, and other popular sites).

  • My Account

    Access or edit your account information.

  • Settings

    Homepage Settings where you can show/hide various elements of the page.

  • Launchbar

    Sites you visit the most can be added here.

  • Categories/Sites

    Quick access to some of the best websites on the Internet.

    Try clicking and dragging the categories.

Screenshot of Best Homepage Ever (U.K).
The all new homepage design for 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitioning from Old Site

Should I create a new account?

Yes. It's best to start with a fresh new account since the settings are changed.

Accounts are both free and your information is never shared. You can create an account by clicking the Register button at the top right of the homepage.


Can I change the background?

Yes. One of the best new features of the homepage is the ability to choose from over 100+ beautiful backgrounds.

Once you are logged in, go to the settings menu (top right corner), and the backgrounds are listed at the bottom of the panel.


Can I add my own websites?

Yes. You can add as many websites as you wish. Simply click the at the end of the Launchbar.

The below websites panel allows you to add or remove websites.


Where is the news section?

The best news sites are all available in the explore section, along with other popular sites to choose from.

Click the button at the top part of the homepage for a full assortment of websites.

All Other Questions

Can I request a website to add?

Yes, of course. You can write me at [email protected] I do not live in the U.K. so it is very helpful to know if I am missing popular websites.

Just be sure to mention that it is the U.K. site that you are using. Further, I will consider all sites, but please note that my goal is to add popular sites that are widely used by most.

If you want to add a local or personal website, you can always add custom websites to the launchbar.


Missing or broken link

How can I stay logged in?

This issue has been fixed. However, if the problem persists, try doing a hard refresh (CTRL + F5) when you load the page (or clear your browser cache).